The House on Mars

The House on Mars is a project that anticipates the future: it is an artistic creation, a work of architectural design, a habitat having a pseudo-spherical structure and consisting of a bathroom, a kitchen, two chairs, a bed and a table.

This work has two levels of use:

  • A real level - an immersive installation (audio, visual, olfactory, tactile immersivity) a sensorial, interactive and fully functional architecture. Sensors placed in the habitat at the presence of visitors activate the colors, the sounds, the smells and the images.
  • A symbolic level - a "sounding board" that amplifies our feelings and emotions helping us become aware of them. To colonize Mars means, symbolically, to conquer our power of perception and experience it in an amplified, but at the same time protected way.

  • To enter and experience The House on Mars is to take possession of all those sensations that we do not fully understand or that we have forgotten in our urban jungles.

    The House on Mars reflects on the possibility of this habitat to create well-being by capturing our moods and psychophysical condition through sensors that detect the body temperature, and "meeting" our needs through sounds, colors, video projections, perfumes, thus improving our space and body awareness.
    The House on Mars enables us to Live our feelings because it is a multi-sensorial and immersive environment: by "concentrating” our perceptive universe we can perceive other possible realities.

    The habitat resembles us, reflects us and sends us back our reflection on who we are.