Francesco Bocola

Francesco Bocola is a versatile artist who combines his heterogeneous experience and expertise with creativity. He is a “forerunner" of the XXI century at the crossroads of Art, Design, Planning, Vision.

After studying at the Academy of Brera and the Castello School, he began to exhibit as an informal painter in a number of Italian galleries. His first personal exhibition, in the Small Gallery of Polesine was introduced by Lucio Fontana and reviewed by Giuseppe Marchiori. The relationship with Pierre Restany, in the early ‘60s, was the origin of a conceptual breakthrough that lead Bocola to develop new expressive research resulting in a photographic exhibition which told the story of people’s interaction during a somewhat risky sails ocean crossing. This journey prepared the scenario of a performing event called "The segregation of Restany’s memory." Previously Bocola had exhibited at Cardazzo’s Cavallino in Venice and in various Italian and foreign galleries. This experimental phase of his career culminated with an environment / structure exhibition at Le Noci’s Galleria Apollinaire, once more introduced by Pierre Restany. The exhibition was a success and fashion designer Pierre Cardin was so impressed by Bocola’s potential that ordered him a number of design and sculpture works.

Bocola worked in Paris for four years renovating the Espace Cardin, creating many design items and pieces of furniture for Cardin’s line, while maintaining his artistic vocation based on an innovative design combining unusual materials and using light as a compositional element. He collaborated in building the Famiglia Cristiana Center in Milan, for which he created the Theatre and the Library by using modular sculptural elements combined with light; this being his expressive feature based on a mix of design, light-art, architecture and sculpture.
He directed the Cardin Center in Milan and had some advertising experiences by entering into partnership with a photographic studio known at an International level.

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Bocola was concerned with acoustics, nautical science, building, restructure and interior design. He is part of the ACS Management (Healthy Cities Association) belonging to the World Health Organization and cooperates to the improvement of the quality of life in the cities together with a team of specialists, thus interacting with acoustics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, medicine, homeopathy, iridology and chromotherapy.

In the last fifteen years, in his showroom "Dissemination", he has being organizing scientific and cultural meetings, as well as exhibitions by contemporary artists selected by internationally recognized art critics, as part of a project dedicated to Art and Technology.

Recently Francesco Bocola has further developed his poetic vein by combining his expertise in planning and designing with his artistic inspiration. This synergy of talents has originated the work called "The house on Mars" an immersive, interactive and fully functional structure, a "sounding board" that amplifies our feelings and emotions helping us become aware of them.